Aims of CIRET

CIRET (Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys) is a forum for leading economists and institutions concerned with analysing and predicting the development of the business cycle and the economic and socio-political consequences. At the same time they also consider the outcome of economic tendency surveys which usually contain questions relating to quality. Economic research institutes, universities, central banks as well as companies and associations are addressed in addition to economists. Hence, a distinction is made between two categories of members: individual members and corporate members.

CIRET promotes the exchange of experience between all of its members, taking account not only of the theoretical aspects of business cycle research but also the operational aspects such as the items to be questioned, the wording of questions, aggregation, implementation and harmonisation.

The development and theoretical basis of simultaneous and leading indicators of various macroeconomic aggregates is a special focus of attention.

Information and Documentation Centre

CIRET set up an information and documentation centre (IDC) for its members. This centre provides information on the research and conduct of surveys all over the world. The aim of the IDC is to facilitate the exchange of aggregated and micro data and to provide an overview of current world research on surveys. A database is available on metadata of the surveys ( synopticA.pdf ).


The main event among the association's activities is a biennial conference. The first conference took place in Munich in 1953 on a very small scale whereby all the members were solely from Western Europe. But the members soon increased to include those from the American continent, Asia, Australia, Africa and finally even countries in Eastern Europe.

Research results based on microdata as well as macrodata are presented at these conferences. Essentially, the survey results from economic tendency, investment and innovation surveys carried out among companies serve as a basis alongside results from consumer surveys which were conducted regularly or ad-hoc. The contributions usually refer to topics such as:

  • Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Business cycle
  • Statistical methods
  • Public policy

History of CIRET-Conferences

From 1980 to 2000 a selection of the conference contributions was published in anthologies by Avebury, Aldershot (Great Britain). In addition, the CIRET office has issued a publication series with papers on current survey research issues. A total of 53 volumes have appeared in the CIRET Studien series.

From 2005 - 2015, a joint publication of OECD and CIRET has appeared entitled Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis. This journal included both research contributions which were presented at CIRET conferences, and other contributions on this subject. From 2016, Springer has published the CIRET journal called Journal of Business Cycle Research (JBCY).