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36th CIRET Conference

Istanbul, Turkey, 14 - 17 September 2022

Hosted by the Marmara University, Faculty of Economics

 Call for Papers


Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy


Special Topic

Performance of Economic Indicators in the
Age of Digitalization


Keynote Speaker

Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania


The 36th CIRET Conference is preceded by a

Joint Workshop on

Innovation to address data demands for statistical analysis in times of crisis

organised by
United Nations Statistics Division,
Marmara University Faculty of Economics and
KOF Swiss Economic Institute 



Deadline April 30, 2022


CIRET Conferences

The networking-basis are the international conferences that are held every other year. They last four days and provide interested researchers (including CIRET members) with the opportunity to present and discuss their latest research activities mainly within specially selected groups. The biennial conference is the meeting place for top scientists from all over the world and successfully integrates the theoretical aspects as well as the perspectives of those who are primarily engaged in applying survey data. The goal is to develop consistent and applicable explanatory patterns for cyclical fluctuations and to overcome the divergence of empirical, theoretical and policy activities. The conferences are held in one of the Member countries. They are organized in cooperation with so called local organizers. The focus program puts priority on a topical problem in conducting economic surveys.

The Conference is not only a meeting point for experts, but also establishes a forum for researchers who start working in the field of socio-economic surveys.
The Conference papers are available for CIRET members as well as authors and participants of the respective Conference.
For past Conferences up to the 25th CIRET Conference in Paris in 2000, selected papers were published in the Conference proceedings volume (see CIRET Publications)
Starting with the 26th CIRET Conference in Taipei in 2002, authors are kindly invited to submit a ready-to-publish version of their paper to the joint OECD and CIRET Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis (JBCMA). Submissions accepted by the Editor-in-Chief are sent to two referees (double blind procedure).


Past Conferences 

Poznan 2021
(Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy - Measuring output gaps and growth potentials - 
Economic implications of the pandemic's impact on both the U.S. and world economies, with a particular emphasis on business cycles)

Rio de Janeiro 2018
(Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy -
The use of Big Data in Economic Cycle Statistics and Research)

Copenhagen 2016
(Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy -

Hangzhou 2014
(Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy -
Improving Economic Modelling with Survey Data)

Vienna 2012
(Economic Tendency Surveys and Economic Policy -
Measurement beyond GDP - the Use of Surveys)

New York 2010
(Economic Tendency Surveys and the Services Sector -
Economic Tendency Surveys and Financial Markets)

Santiago de Chile 2008
(Business Tendency Surveys and Policy Formulation -
Economic Tendency Surveys in Latin America)

Rome 2006
(Cyclical Indicators and Economic Policy Decisions -
Regional and Local Surveys)

Warsaw 2004
(Economic Tendency Surveys and Cyclical Indicators -

Economic Situation in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe)

Taipei 2002
(Business Surveys, Cyclical Indicators and Consumer Surveys)

Paris 2000
(Business Surveys and Empirical Analysis of Economic and Social Survey Data)