27th CIRET Conference 2004 - Warsaw, Poland

September 15 to 18, 2004

Economic Tendency Surveys and Cyclical Indicators

Special Topic:

Economic Situation in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Hosted by:

RIED Research Institute of Economic Development at WSE Warsaw School of Economics

and co-hosted by:

National Bank of Poland (NBP)

Central Statistical Office (CSO)

Conference Information

Call for Papers

Convention Venue

WSE - Warsaw School of Economics
Al. Niepodległości 162

Sessions and Papers

Papers by Topics is a view to all papers presented at the conference.

The Session Table gives a daily schedule of the sessions.

All papers are available for CIRET members, authors and participants of the Conference.

Authors are kindly invited to submit a ready-to-publish version of their paper to the joint OECD and CIRET Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis (JBCMA). Please check the notes for authors for additional information.
Submissions accepted by the Editor-in-Chief will be sent to two referees (double blind procedure).


The OECD organized a one-day Workshop on Business Tendency and Consumer Opinion Surveys on September 14.

CIRET General Assembly

Invited paper for the General Assembly, presented by Prof. Heilemann:
The Clinton era and the U.S. business cycle: what did change?
Ullrich Heilemann and Heinz Josef Münch

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ul. Rakowiecka 22
02-521 Warsaw, Poland

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