CIRET Information & Documentation Centre (CIRET-IDC)

CIRET offers a specific Information and Documentation Centre.
The CIRET-IDC promotes three different aims:

I. A Service Centre supplying Background Information

The CIRET-IDC cares for the entire selection of all CIRET-papers. It publishes its own series on topical problems of business surveys. So far 53 volumes have been produced. Additionaly the papers from the Conferences in Paris and Taipei are ready to download (members and authors only). Non-members please contact CIRET-IDC for further information.

CIRET-IDC informs about CIRET Members and their research interests.

CIRET Corporate and Individual members

II. A Synoptic Table of Inquiries

The synoptic table covers surveys conducted all over the world. A new Synoptic Table is under construction. Already available Latest Survey Results from member institutes.

The former Synoptic Table, completed in January 1998, is still available . It can answer questions like:

  • Which surveys are conducted in which frequency and regularity?
  • Which institutions in which countries conduct a certain kind of survey, are the data available, in which data format are they available?
  • Who is the person to contact in the case of questions about methodology, poll structure, costs of the inquiry and the questionnaire?

III. The CIRET-Database

Founding on the collection of data, the CIRET-IDC promotes:

  • the matching of inquiries
  • the building of barometers and all other forms of aggregating indicators
  • to set up a system of leading indicators extracted from country-specific data

Steps to the CIRET-Database were presented during the 25th CIRET Conference in Paris. Slides of this presentation are available in pdf-format (members only).

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