IDC Services

CIRET offers a specific Information and Documentation Centre (IDC). The CIRET-IDC promotes several aims:

1. CIRET-IDC informs about CIRET Members and their research interests and facilitates the exchange of data between the members.

2. CIRET-IDC provides a synoptic table of worldwide current conducted business and consumer surveys. The table comprises information on the type of questions posed, the methods and data sets used and the way in which surveys are conducted, i.e. their origin, type and frequency.
An old version of 1998 is still available.

Additionally, links are offered to actual published data of the CIRET-member institutes.

3. CIRET-IDC proposes focuses of research. The ideas enter the workshops organised by CIRET or jointly organised with other institutions (e.g. OECD, EU). Moreover, research themes can be fostered with sessions at CIRET conferences. Within this frame, CIRET-IDC establishes or supports working groups for the development and world-wide harmonisation of survey methods and data evaluation.