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  • Handbook of Survey-Based Business Cycle Analysis

Edited by Georg Goldrian
February 2007, 264 pp, Hardback, ISBN 978 1 84720 136 2
This book is part of the Ifo Economic Policy series published by Edward Elgar
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  •     Growth and Cycle in the Eurozone

Edited by Gian Luigi Mazzi and Giovanni Savio
December 2006
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  •     Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis

ISSN 1995-2880
Journal jointly published by OECD and CIRET.
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  •     Empirische Konjunktur- und Wachstumsforschung

Festschrift für Bernd Schips zum 65. Geburtstag
Günther Greulich, Manfred Lösch, Christian Müller, Winfried Stier (Hrsg.)
ISBN 3-7253-0797-0
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  •     Business Tendency Surveys: A Handbook

SourceOECD Transition Economies
March 2003, vol. 2003, no. 8 , pp. I-130 (131 pages)
Complete Edition - ISBN 9264198946

  •     Economic Surveys and Data Analysis

CIRET Conference Proceedings, Paris 2000
Edited by Günter Poser in co-operation with Daniel Bloesch

  •     SourceOECD General Economics & Future Studies

December 2002, vol. 2002, no. 11 , pp. I-388 (389 pages)
Complete Edition - ISBN 9264099026
OECD e-book - ISBN9264099077